Greenhouse Management: A Guide to Greenhouse Technology and Operations provides detailed, step-by-step instructions, in layman's terms for ALL aspects commercial greenhouse plant production. The text is a complete reference on greenhouse technologies and operations, and the science of growing crops. Greenhouse Management systematically starts the reader off by providing an in-depth discussion of greenhouse structures and design, environmental control systems, heating/cooling, growing media, fertilization, carbon dioxide supplementation, water management and irrigation, pest management, and the production of container-grown crops. Finally, a series of appendices provide numerous data relevant to greenhouse management and operations. The information in this easy-to-use guide is distilled from a variety of sources, including scientific literature, extension publications, and grower experience and has the added value of numerous citations to more in-depth discussion on many topics. The book is thoughtfully organized presenting a seamless flow of topics within chapters making it easy to find specific information that interests the reader. No one concerned with greenhouse management can afford to be without this book.