Chapter 22

Greenhouse Insect and Mite Pest Management

Insect and Mite Pests Commonly Found in Greenhouses

Several insect and mite pests seem to be habitual problems for greenhouse growers. These pests are very difficult to control and can mean a loss of both quantity and quality of fruit and foliage. Successfully managing insect and mite problems in the greenhouse can be more difficult than under open field conditions. Therefore, the grower must know specific tactics and methods that are legal and effective for managing greenhouse pests. As stated earlier, one of the foremost factors in pest management is identifying the pest and understanding the biology, behavior, feeding habits, and other information on how it enters the greenhouse, reproduces, and ultimately damages the crop. It is very important to understand the clues to insect or mite presence and identify crop damage caused by the pest early in its life cycle. Early detection of these pests frequently determines if they can be controlled successfully, if the crop will be chronically infested for the entire season, or if the crop will be lost.

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